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Wow! My sales and marketing career was 20 years at PepsiCo and 18 years as GM at an Auto Parts Distribution Center. Unfortunately I was forced to file Social Security Benefits due to severe back problems. My first 3 months sitting at my New apartment, I wanted to remodel it. Once I completed that, one of my friends said that I needed to add some greenery, flowers, and other types of home decorations. I looked around for these types of items and went nuts on how much they wanted for a fake flower arrangement. In talking to my mom, she suggested that I go to a craft store. To make this story a little shorter, I headed to Michael's. The rest is history. I spent 8 hours in that store, talked to the management team members and decided that day I'm going to create my own floral arrangements, home decorations and other arts and crafts Items. 2 weeks later, I rented a U-Haul Van and picked up my order from Michael's, $3,200 later I started my New Endeavor, arts and crafts. Lastly, this arts and crafts industry is a hidden secret. What I learned in the sales and marketing is helping me to showcase the love that I have when I create a handcrafted creation, my customer will see some tears dripping from my face, the customer will ask me why I'm crying. I mention to them that they are happy tears. I really don't want to sell them, lol. As a crafter and beginning artist I'm now seeing the benefits of my hard work, dedication, and the knowledgeable people that have helped me and the HBX Brand, I thank them for there help. I use 3 SVG designers. I use them 99% of the time, Abbi Kirsten's CC Designs is one of them. Abbi, you know the other 2 ladies. Thanks again. Tim




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